The Monk Stairs

A monk has a very specific ritual for climbing up the steps to the temple.

First he climbs up to the middle step and meditates for 1 minute.
Then he climbs up 8 steps and faces east until he hears a bird singing.
Then he walks down 12 steps and picks up a pebble.
He takes one step up and tosses the pebble over his left shoulder.
Now, he walks up the remaining steps three at a time which only takes him 9 paces.

How many steps are there?


There are 49 steps.

He climbs halfway, which is step 25. He hears the bird singing on step 33. He picks up the pebble on the 21st step and tosses it on the 22nd step. The remaining 27 steps are taken three at a time which is 9 paces. 🙂 Not easy this one 😛

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