• The Happy Man

    Mike was working on a night shift when he suddenly received an urgent phone call. Without losing time he takes his car and head back home at light speed.

    We he enters his bedroom quite breathless he found that his wife was in bed with someone he has never seen before.

    Strangely, Mike was far from being angry, he greeted them both with a friendly smile and a few hours later he even bring them both breakfast in bed.

    Why is Mike acting like this?


    His wife had just given birth to his beautiful baby. πŸ™‚

  • The Gambler Three Coins

    A gambler is holding three coins.

    One coin is an ordinary quarter, the second has two heads, the third has two tails.

    The gambler randomly chooses one of the coins and flips it, the coin shows head.

    What is the chance that the other side shows tail?


    The chance that the other is tail is one over three (1/3) as only one coin (the ordinary coin) in the three coins has head on one side and tail on the other side.

    The gambler’s first toss shows heads. The question was to find the probability that the other side of the coin will show tail and not to find the probability of tails coming up. πŸ˜›

    Answer is: One third.

  • The Barber

    The barber of Seville shaves all of the men living in Seville.

    No man living in Seville is allowed by law to shave himself.

    The barber of Seville lives in Seville and is the only barber in Seville.

    Who shaves the barber of Seville?


    πŸ™‚ The barber is a woman. Nobody needs to shave her.

  • The Two Hourglasses

    You have only two hourglasses. The first one times exactly 7 minutes, the other times exactly 11 minutes.

    Using just these two hourglasses and nothing else, how would you accurately time 15 minutes?


    A bit tricky this one, the solution is to:

    1. Start both hourglasses at the same time.
    2. At the end of 7 minutes, quickly flip over the 7-minute hourglass.
    3. In another 4 minutes, the 11-minute hourglass will be empty and 4 minutes will have elapsed from the 7-minute-hourglass. Thus, once the 11-minute hourglass has been empty, quickly flip the 7-minute hourglass over and watch the remaining 4 minutes fall down.

    This gives: 7 minutes + 4 minutes + 4 minutes = 15 minutes. πŸ™‚

  • The Greatest Pharaoh

    The Pharaoh asked: \”Who is the greatest of the gods of all time?\”

    Horus said: \”I am not\”.
    Isis said: \”Anubis is\”.
    Anubis said: \”Isis is lying\”.

    Only one god is telling the truth, the other two are lying.

    Who is the greatest?


    If we assume Horus is the greatest god, this gives:

    \”I am not\” said Horus (lie)
    \”Anubis is\” said Isis (lie)
    \”Isis is lying\” said Anubis (truth)

    Thus, the answer: \’Horus is the greatest god\’. Easy one πŸ™‚