On The Bus Stop

A young man is driving along in his two-seater sports car on a stormy night.

He passes a bus stop and sees three people waiting for the bus:

• An elderly woman who is in serious distress and needs to get to the hospital or she will die.
• A best friend from the Army who once saved his life.
• An attractive person who may be the young man’s soul mate.

The young man’s car accommodates only two people.

What do you think he should do in this situation?

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The young man stops the car, gives the car keys to his best friend, and asks him to drive the elderly lady to the hospital for immediate

The young man stays behind and waits for the bus with the attractive person of his dreams.

Sentence With Two Erors

This sentence contains two erors.

What are the two errors?

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1. The word ‘erors’ is misspelled and must have been ‘errors’.
2. There is only one error in the sentence (sentence says “two errors”). This is the second error. 🙂