• The Peacock Eggs

    If a peacock and a half, lay an egg and a half, in a day and a half.
    How many eggs can a peacock lay in three days?


    Peacock don\’t lay eggs.
  • The Wrong Word

    Which word, if pronounced right, is wrong, but if pronounced wrong is right?


    The word \’Wrong\’ of course. 🙂
  • A NA A SA A

    A NA A SA A A

    What comes next in the series?


    The next one is \”E\”.

    Each item is the first letter(s) of one of the seven continents:

    1. Asia
    2. North America
    3. Africa
    4. South America
    5. Australia
    6. Antarctica
    7. Europe

  • More You Take, More You Leave

    The more you take, the more you leave behind.
    What are they?



  • Marry His Widow Sister

    Is it possible for a man in England to marry his widow’s sister?


    No, please check the words again.

    A widow has lost her husband. His widow would be his present wife, but he is dead, so that’s impossible.
    If the wording said \’a widow’s sister\’, then it would be possible, since he would not be her dead husband.