The Two Hourglasses

You have only two hourglasses. The first one times exactly 7 minutes, the other times exactly 11 minutes.

Using just these two hourglasses and nothing else, how would you accurately time 15 minutes?

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A bit tricky this one, the solution is to:

1. Start both hourglasses at the same time.
2. At the end of 7 minutes, quickly flip over the 7-minute hourglass.
3. In another 4 minutes, the 11-minute hourglass will be empty and 4 minutes will have elapsed from the 7-minute-hourglass. Thus, once the 11-minute hourglass has been empty, quickly flip the 7-minute hourglass over and watch the remaining 4 minutes fall down.

This gives: 7 minutes + 4 minutes + 4 minutes = 15 minutes. 🙂

The Greatest Pharaoh

The Pharaoh asked: “Who is the greatest of the gods of all time?”

Horus said: “I am not”.
Isis said: “Anubis is”.
Anubis said: “Isis is lying”.

Only one god is telling the truth, the other two are lying.

Who is the greatest?

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If we assume Horus is the greatest god, this gives:

“I am not” said Horus (lie)
“Anubis is” said Isis (lie)
“Isis is lying” said Anubis (truth)

Thus, the answer: ‘Horus is the greatest god’. Easy one 🙂