Life’s Funny

“Life’s funny”, said an old friend when I bumped into him the other day.

Listen to this, “I was born in March, yet I celebrate my birthday in August, and last February I married my mother”.

How is this possible?

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Simple! 🙂 He was born in August in a town called March, became a priest and married his widowed mother to her second husband in February. 😛

The Happy Man

Mike was working on a night shift when he suddenly received an urgent phone call. Without losing time he takes his car and head back home at light speed.

We he enters his bedroom quite breathless he found that his wife was in bed with someone he has never seen before.

Strangely, Mike was far from being angry, he greeted them both with a friendly smile and a few hours later he even bring them both breakfast in bed.

Why is Mike acting like this?

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His wife had just given birth to his beautiful baby. 🙂