A A D F J J J M M N ?

What comes next in the following series of letters?

A A D F J J J M M N ?

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O (October) and S (September)! These letters represent the first letter of each month in alphabetical order (April, August, December, February, January, July, June, March, May, November) and the two remaining months is October and September. 🙂

The Two Brothers And The Horses

The time had come when the father of two sons was to decide who would receive his fortune.

The father said, “You will both race your horses to the nearest city. The owner of whichever horse arrives at the gates second will receive my fortune.”

Confused, both brothers rode their horses toward the city as slowly as they could.

Outside the gates they loitered for a few days, neither wanting to be the first to enter the gates.

As luck would have it, a great sage was passing by.

Seeing him, the brothers pleaded for his wisdom. The great sage said two words, whereupon the brothers quickly mounted and raced as fast as they could through the gates of the city.

What was the great sage’s advice?

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The great sage told them to “swap horses”. It is the second horse, not the person, to reach the city gates that wins fortune for its owner. 🙂