• Coffee Ring

    A beautiful young lady drops her ring in her coffee. When she removed the ring it is still dry. Why?


    The coffee is still in a powdered form.

  • The Cat

    A cat jumped from the window of the top floor of a 55 storey building, but it did not die. Why?


    Because the cat jumped from the window toward the room inside (not toward outside).

  • The Car Accident

    A man and his son are in a car wreck. The man dies and the boy goes to an urgent surgery, and then the doctor comes in and says I can not operate on this child because he is my son. What happened?


    The doctor is the boy’s mother.
  • The Dark Room

    An oil lamp and a candle are in a dark room. What should you light first?


    A match.
  • Longest English Word

    What is the longest word in the English language?


    Smiles. There is a mile between the first and last letter of the word.