• The Electric Train

    All over the world, the train plays a key role in almost every aspect of society. So, if an electric train is traveling west at 80 km/h, and the wind is pushing east at the same speed, in which direction is the smoke going to travel?


    Electric trains do not generate smoke. 🙂

  • The Diamond Box

    A man is on the bank of a river. He has a small box, a chain, a lock (like a masterlock), the key to that lock, and a diamond. He wants to get the diamond to a woman who is on the other side of the river.

    She has an identical box to the man, a chain, a lock, and the key to that lock. (Note: each key opens only it\’s respective lock and the locks are not the same.) The river is too big to swim across and the boxes do not float.

    The only way to get the diamond across the river is put it on the ferry, which will only carry cargo. However, neither person trusts the ferry driver, so in order to send anything across the river, it must be in a locked box. (ex: They can not just send the key across.) Also, anytime a box is sent across it must be locked even if the box is empty.

    Without killing the ferry driver, how does the man get the diamond to the woman?


    The man puts the diamond into the box. He then puts his chain around the box and locks it. He sends the box over to the woman. She then puts her chain around the same box, locks it, and sends it to the man. The man uses his key to take off his lock and chain and sends the box back to the women. The woman can then use her key to take off her lock and chain and get the diamond.

  • Strange Man In Bar

    A man walks into a bar, he asks for a glass of water, without hesitating, the barman puts a gun to his head. \”Thank you very much\”, says the man and he leaves.

    What happened there ?


    The man had hiccups.

  • Friday Man

    A man rides into town on Friday, stays for three days and rides out on Friday, how is this possible?


    His horse\’s name is Friday!

  • The Murder

    In a room, there are two dead bodies, water, and broken glass on the floor. They were not murdered. What happened?


    A fish bowl fell.