• Green, Red and Finally Black

    Before you eat it, it\’s green When you eat it, it\’s red When you spit it back out, it is black

    What is this?



  • Bill and Ted

    Bill and Ted are at the same place, but in separate cars. Bill drives north for 3 miles, and Ted drives south for 3 miles. The two each make 90 degree left turns, and drive another 4 miles.

    How far apart are Bill and Ted?


    The answer is 10 miles.

    If you draw a diagram of the routes, and then draw a straight line from Bill to Ted you will have two adjoining right triangles. The triangles are equal. so the equation is this: 3squared + 4 squared = D squared 9+16=25squared square root of 25 = 5 there are two triangles… 5+5=10.

  • The Newspaper

    A man walks to the shop one day to buy a newspaper, The newspaper costs 50p but the man only has 40p, The man could still buy a paper despite being 10p short on the paper he wanted to buy.

    How can this be possible?


    The man bought a cheaper paper instead of the one costing 50p which he obviously could not afford.

  • The Bench With Two Legs

    There is a bench, it has two legs, my friend and I sit on a bench.

    Why does it not tip over?


    It is not the same bench, the one we\’re sitting on has 4 legs.

  • The Unknown Body

    Two scientists, while on a polar expedition above the Arctic Circle, find a body perfectly preserved in a large chunk of ice. The body is in remarkable shape, so they take it back to their labs to study.After thawing him out, the scientists begin to analyze the body and after some careful analysis, they come to the conclusion that this body that they found is that of Adam: the first man.

    They came to this conclusion because the body was missing something. How did they come to this conclusion?


    He was missing his belly-button. The absence of this thing proves that he was created as opposed to conceived.