• The Servant and The Wish

    Once upon a time, in the West Lake village, a servant lived with his master. After service of 30 years, his master became ill and was going to die. One day, the master called his servant and offered him for a wish. It could be any wish but just one. The master gave him one day to think about it.

    The servant became very happy and went to his mother to discuss the wish. His mother was blind and she asked her son to wish for her eye-sight to come back. Next, the servant went to his wife. She became very excited and asked for a son as they were childless for many years. After that, the servant went to his father who wanted to be rich and so he asked his son to wish for a lot of money.

    The next day he went to his master and made one wish through which all the three (mother, father, wife) got what they wanted.

    What was his wish?


    The servant said, “I wish for my mother to see her grandson swinging on a swing of gold.”

  • The Chimney

    Two people are up on the roof of a house, cleaning a chimney. Suddenly they both fall from the chimney down in the fireplace. One of them is dirty, while the other one is clean. The clean man goes to the bathroom and cleans himself while the dirty one just gets back to work.



    The dirty man sees that the other man is clean and supposes that he must be clean too, so he goes back to work. The clean man sees the dirty man and assumes that he must be dirty too, so he goes to the bathroom to clean himself.

  • The Race

    You\’re in a straight race and you take over the person in 2nd place.

    What position are you in?


    Second 🙂

  • The Car and The Hammer

    If someone locks you in a car and there is a sledge hammer next to you, what do you do?


    You open the locks since you are on the inside.

  • The Man Property

    A man has a will in which he divides his property. Among his assets are the mans beloved horses which are his most prized and trusted friends. This man has three sons in varying favor. This is what he wrote in his will. \”… To my eldest I give one half of my horses. To the middle son I give one third of my horses. To the youngest and least favorite I give one ninth of the horses. The horses are to be divided exactly as specified. The horses are not to be sold under any circumstances. There can be no agreements or arrangements made between my sons, each has to receive his fair share.\”

    There were only seventeen horses to the mans property, how to divide them according to the will?


    The answer is : 9, 6, 2.
    First of all, the man \”borrows\” one horse from a neigbour, then the total horses become 18, then

    18 X 1/2=9

    18 X 1/3=6

    18 X 1/9=2

    Finally he gives the horses (9+6+2=17) to the sons, and then he \”returns\” one horse back to his neigbour.