The Crying Man On The Sea Shore

You come across a man sitting on the shore of a sea. That man is holding a picture in his hands and crying. Concerned, you decide to go and talk with him.

Reaching him, you ask him, “Whose picture are you holding?”

He then looks at you and then turn back towards the picture muttering, “Brothers and sisters have I none, but that man’s father is my father’s son.”

Can you find out the person in the picture?

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Since I have no brothers of sisters I am an only child; hence ‘my father’s son’ is ME. Therefore ‘that man’ is MY son.

Thus the person in the picture is that man’s son.

The Blind Man And The Socks

There was a blind man. He had four socks in his drawer either black or white.

He opened it and took out two socks. Now the probability that it was a pair of white socks is 1/2.

Can you find out the probability that he had taken out a pair of black socks?

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The probability will be zero.

If the probability off taking out a pair of white socks is 1/2, it means that there is no black pair. This is because if there had been, there would have been three cases – white pair, black pair and mixed pair. But since in the question it is clear that there were just two chances (1/2), we can fairly deduce that there were only one black sock and the rest were white.