The Colour Man

Three friends named Mr. Black, Mr. Yellow and Mr. Green enter a pub on a weekend night. They are wearing either a Black, Yellow or Green shirt.

Mr. Yellow says to them, “Did you notice that we all are wearing different colour shirts than our names?”

And the man who was wearing the Green shirt said: “Wow, that’s right.”

Can you identify who is wearing which colour shirt ?

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This is very easy.

Since all are wearing different colour shirts from their names, we know that Mr. Yellow is either wearing a Black or a Green shirt.

But through the two statements, we already know that Green shirt is worn by somebody other than Mr. Yellow.

Thus we can deduce that Mr. Yellow is wearing a Black shirt.

Now Mr. Green is definitely not wearing a Green shirt and since Black shirt is already worn by Mr. Yellow, he must be wearing a Yellow shirt.

Now we have only one person left and one colour left, that is Mr. Black and he must be wearing a Green shirt. 🙂

The Boy And The Woods

A boy leaves his house one summer day, and began to run through the woods to his grandmother’s house which is on the other side of the woods.

It should also be known that the boy reached his grandmother’s house.

How far did the boy run into to woods?

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Because once you reach the middle, you are then running out of the woods. 🙂