• The Fifth Son

    Zeta has five sons.

    One is called Alpha, another is called Beta, the third is called Gamma and the fourth is called Fred.

    What is the fifth son\’s name.


    First of all no question was asked and \”What\” is the name of the fifth son.

    Read the statement \”What is the fifth son\’s name.\” again. ūüôā

  • The Clock Reflection

    When a clock\’s reflection is 2.30, what time is it really?


    The answer is definitely NOT 10:30 ūüôā

    Its 9.30, just get a clock and try it out.

  • The Missing Month

    Which month comes next in this sequence:

    July    June    March    May    ???


    November: this is the next month in alphabetical order.

  • 100 Words In 100 Seconds

    Can you list 100 valid words within 100 seconds? However they MUST NOT contain the letters A, B, C or D?


    zero, one, two, …, ten
    eleven, twelve, thirteen, …, twenty

    ninety-one, ninety-two, …, ninety-nine ūüôā

  • The Mystery of The Nine Students Rooms

    Alex, Bret, Chris, Derek, Eddie, Fred, Greg, Harold, and John are nine students who live in a three storey building, with three rooms on each floor. A room in the West wing, one in the center  and one in the East wing. If you look directly at the building, the left side is West and the right side is East. Each student is assigned exactly one room.

    Can you find where each of their rooms is:

    1. Harold does not live on the bottom floor.
    2. Fred lives directly above John and directly next to Bret (who lives in the West wing).
    3. Eddie lives in the East wing and one floor higher than Fred.
    4. Derek lives directly above Fred.
    5. Greg lives directly above Chris.


    From the highest floor to lowest we have:

    West    Centre  East
    ====    ======  ====
    Harold  Derek   Eddie
    Bret        Fred    Greg
    Alex       John    Chris