• Napoleon & Josephine

    Napoleon and Josephine are lying dead on the floor in a pool of water.

    The only other thing noticeable in the room is that the French doors are wide open and the curtains are flapping.

    How did they die?


    Napoleon and Josephine are goldfish. There was a storm that blew their fishbowl over!
  • The Hunters

    There is a grandad, a dad and 2 sons.

    They all go hunting and they all shoot a bird each but only 3 fall to the ground. why?


    The grandad is the dad of the dad, one son, then the dad has a son too. 🙂
  • The Airplane Crashed

    If an airplane crashed exactly on the border of France and Germany, where would the survivors be buried?


    We don\’t bury survivors. 🙂
  • An Answer Without A Question

    What demands an answer but asks no question?


    The Telephone. 🙂
  • The Train and The Car Collision

    There was a train going along the track and a car coming along the road at a right angle to the train. They were both going at exactly the same speed and would have crashed in the middle where they met.

    Why didn\’t they?


    Because the car went over the bridge. 🙂