Bill and Ted

Bill and Ted are at the same place, but in separate cars. Bill drives north for 3 miles, and Ted drives south for 3 miles. The two each make 90 degree left turns, and drive another 4 miles.

How far apart are Bill and Ted?

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The answer is 10 miles.

If you draw a diagram of the routes, and then draw a straight line from Bill to Ted you will have two adjoining right triangles. The triangles are equal. so the equation is this: 3squared + 4 squared = D squared 9+16=25squared square root of 25 = 5 there are two triangles… 5+5=10.

The Newspaper

A man walks to the shop one day to buy a newspaper, The newspaper costs 50p but the man only has 40p, The man could still buy a paper despite being 10p short on the paper he wanted to buy.

How can this be possible?

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The man bought a cheaper paper instead of the one costing 50p which he obviously could not afford.